BEACON - Enabling Federated Cloud Networking

Focus Area

The BEACON H2020 project focuses on enabling federated cloud networking. The long term vision is a fully virtualized data center for federated clouds. While virtualisation technologies for computing ressources has developped tremendoulsy in the last years and been integrated into the enterprise data center, virtualisation technologies for network ressources have lagged behind. The recent development of software defined networking and network virtualisation technologies has created the opportunity to fully integrate network virtualisation technologies into the data center. The BEACON project aims to network virtualisation technologies from the OpenDaylight project with open source cloud middleware OpenNebula and OpenStack.

Market sector targets

The BEACON project targets the cloud middleware market and the manegement of cloud federations. The project will target several communities. The first community that will be targeted are the user communities of OpenDaylight, OpenNebula and OpenStack. The BEACON project will integrate some project results into these existing open source projects. Other communities that will be targeted are the research community in the field of cloud computing. The more advanced research topics on location-aware elaticity or high availability will be disseminated in the cloud computing communities. The general public will also be informed of project results via the project disseminatiopn channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Addressing new challenges for cloud, IoT, big data

Cloud federation enables cloud providers to collaborate and share their resources to create a large virtual pool of resources at multiple network locations. Different types of federation architectures for clouds and datacenters have been proposed and implemented (e.g. cloud bursting, cloud brokering or cloud aggregation) with different levels of resource coupling and interoperation among the cloud resources, from loosely coupled, typically involving different administrative and legal domains, to tightly coupled federation, usually spanning multiple datacenters within an organization. In both situations, an effective, agile and secure federation of cloud networking resources is key to impact the deployment of federated applications.

The main goal of this project is two-fold: research and develop techniques to federate cloud network resources, and to derive the integrated management cloud layer that enables an efficient and secure deployment of federated cloud applications. Our proposal will deliver a homogeneous virtualization layer, on top of heterogeneous underlying physical networks, computing and storage infrastructures, providing enablement for automated federation of applications across different clouds and datacenters.

The project is fully committed to open source software. Cloud networking aspects will be based on OpenDaylight, a collaborative project under The Linux Foundation, and specifically we will leverage and extend the OpenDOVE project with new rich inter-cloud APIs to provision cross-site virtual networks overlays. The new inter-cloud network capabilities will be leveraged by existing open source cloud platforms, OpenNebula and OpenStack, to deploy multi-cloud applications. In particular, different aspects of the platforms will be extended to accommodate the federated cloud networking features like multi-tenancy, federated orchestration of networking, compute and storage management or the placement and elasticity of the multi-cloud applications.

How is cloud disrupting the market?

The BEACON project is contributing to fully virtualise data center compute and networking ressources. By completely seperating logical ressources from physical ressources, it will enable advanced cloud federation models. Advanced cloud federation models will in turn provide much greater opportunities to end users.

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