CIO: from Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer?

Trending May 2013 - The CIO is usually the person that drives ICT transformations with the wider business context in mind. This is making the job much more strategically important. According to the UK newspaper, The Guardian, evaluating the model (public, private, hybrid) that best fits the business is high on the agenda of an increasing number of CIOs. The main reason for this is that CIOs are looking for flexibility and scale in a fast-paced business environment. The newspaper also reports an increasing interest in the hybrid cloud to get the best out of public and private cloud offers: the flexibility of the cloud to scale IT requirements and control over on premise assets. They are looking for a flexible environment that allows the switch between cloud providers if needed. Multi-tenant datacentres can provide much-needed flexibility, helping CIOs maximise investments while driving innnovation within the organisation.