cloud computing

DICE - Towards the Development of Data-Intensive Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements

Focus Area

DICE action (Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements) [1] focuses on Big Data, Quality Assurance (QA) and Model-Driven Engineering (MDE).

Recent years have seen the rapid growth of interest for developing enterprise applications that use data-intensive technologies. However, quality assurance in the software engineering process for these applications is still in its infancy.

ARTIST - Advanced software-based seRvice provisioning and migraTIon of legacy Software

Focus Area

For software companies, cloud computing offers a modern world of business opportunity, allowing them to provide their application not only as a product but as a service. Thus, they will enjoy, among other advantages, of agility and efficiency.

Migrating software to cloud infrastructure may be sufficient much of the time. But residing in the cloud is not enough to make an application fully scalable, elastic and ‘cloudy’. The software code itself must be modernized if maximum performance and efficiency are required.

Making School as a Service a reality

Focus Area

EDUCLOUD is the first “School as a Service” platform available in a French state school today.

Following the theme of making learning fun for children, NVIDIA has been working with Gayatech, other start-up companies, and local authorities, on a customisable cloud-based educational platform which includes a 3D video game for children as its main pillar.

How The UK's G-Cloud Programme Would Benefit Europe

Focus Area

The G-Cloud, which launched in 2012, essentially provides an online Digital Marketplace where public organisations can find different services offered by a large amount of suppliers that are part of the G-Cloud Framework Agreement. The G-Cloud has definitely had an impact on the way the UK public sector buys commodity IT services and the government has been commended on the strides it has taken to refine the procurement and certification process through the G-Cloud.

Towards a European trusted cloud

Focus Area

Cloud-based business is becoming the backbone of the European economy and society. Many services are based on the Cloud and several businesses and critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly dependent on it.

Overall, the speed of change in Cloud technologies and services continues to be impressive and the main transformation is driven by the Trusted Cloud and Big Data integration as visible in the Future Cloud high impact initiative: Trusted Cloud.

Cyber Insurance - The last line of defence

Addressing key concerns impeding the mainstream adoption of the cloud: privacy, security, trust

Cyber attacks are increasing in velocity and intensity, potentially undermining or at least slowing down the development of cloud applications. 90% of companies worldwide recognize they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves against them. The level of sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing too, showing at least three different ways of using the cyber weapon: