CloudScale new open source tools improve scalability of applications

CloudScale software engineering advances the scalability of applications to ensure return on investments in European research and innovation projects. 
This new CloudScale video shows in just 1:30 minutes the difference the new tools can make in tackling scalability issues. 
Are you worried about your application not being able to tackle increasing demand?
Even if you scale up with more resources, things eventually will get slow, or you could end up spending more than you need 
on cloud resources due to bad software design.
This is where CloudScale comes in handy - making it much easier for service providers to analyse, predict and resolve scalability issues. 
CloudScale tools discover and provide solutions regarding software scalability. One of the tools analyses the code base, looking for patterns that might cause scalability issues so you can fix the ones that matter. Another tool lets your system be tested with virtual users so you can see how well it scales. This helps avoid unpleasant surprises. 
CloudScale comes with a built-in method-support that guides you to use the right tool in different situations. The more you use the tools, the more you can be sure your application will scale. This means you can earn revenue from increased traffic without risk of losing reputation or customers due to an overloaded system.
The CloudScale tools are open source and available from the website.