CoherentPaaS: Ultra-Scalable Cloud Database

Cloudscape Brazil 2016 Position Paper - PaaSage: Ultra-Scalable Cloud Database
CoherentPaaS is creating an ultra-scalable cloud database as a cloud service for business. It provides the full functionality of an OLTP (On Line Transactional Processing) database with full SQL full ACID support scaling from 1 to 100s of nodes. It also provides integration with NoSQL technologies such as key-value data stores, document-oriented data stores and graph databases. The integration lies in providing global transactions and queries across SQL and all these NoSQL data stores.
Who benefits and how
The end users of the ultra-scale cloud database are businesses (B2B), large companies or small tech firms that need a scalable cloud database or need to integrate SQL and NoSQL technologies. 
One of the main issues companies face when deploying their applications in the cloud is the lack of a scalable database. This limitation forces companies into relying on sharding, a technique that lies in using multiple independent database instances and storing a fraction (shard) of the data on each of them. Unfortunately, sharding is extremely expensive for most applications, requiring a lot of coding effort and expertise. CoherentPaaS solves this problem with the LeanXcale ultra-scalable database,  enabling to scale transparently applications deployed in the cloud. This novel approach makes sharding redundant.  
Another common issue for companies using cloud databases and data stores is that they need to resort to a combination of data management technologies SQL and NoSQL. They use SQL for their operational data and resort to NoSQL data stores for specific needs on the flexibility of the data model and the appropriate query language/API. This is what is so-called Polyglot Persistence, a term coined by Martin Fowler in his bestseller NoSQL Distilled. In this Polyglot world there are two main painpoints.
The first one is related to the updates. If a business operation requires updating more than one data store, today, there are no data consistency guarantees. If there is a failure, the “logical database” consisting of all data stores will get inconsistent with some partial updates on only a fraction of the data stores being updated. CoherentPaaS solves this problem firstly, by providing transactional semantics to NoSQL data stores lacking it. And secondly, by providing global transactions across data stores. In this way, applications can get the same transactional data consistency guarantees across data stores as they had in old SQL world. 
The second pain point is that when companies want to correlate data across data stores, it becomes impossible since they speak different query languages/APIs. CoherentPaaS has adopted a unique approach that enables to combine SQL and the native query languages of the different NoSQL data stores to support queries across them.
Author(s): Ricardo Jimenez-Peris (tech. coord.), Marta Patiño (coord.) & CoherentPaaS consortium
Twitter: @coherentpaas
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