Danish SME brings innovative learning solutions to the cloud

Flash report
Danish-based SME, Nova Learning, provides online training and e-courses for Cisco, Comptia and Microsoft products in 18 languages.
Its inspiring story speaks volumes about the importance of perseverence in entrepreneurship, even in the face of bankrupcy by using IT to innovate and re-enter the market with stronger products. Its user base is over 200,000 in 35 countries and counting. 
Cloud computing has proved to be a key enabler, helping this small firm to grow with its products. 
  • With a team of just seven, this energetic SME has focused on continuously optimising smart and easy-to-use IT training solutions for any type of organisations, including individuals and other learning businesses. 
  • It has taken to market three interactive solutions: Nova Clarify, Nova Core and Nova Cert Kit. All of them bring real classroom elements into the e-learning world. 
  • Instructors can host video training and exam simulations. Students can ask questions, view test scores and take on new learning challenges over the web. 
  • Cert Kit is a dynamic, unique, one-click certification preparation product. Today, it is used as a standard tool by companies in Denmark and other European countries. 
Source: Microsoft Europe, which nominated Nova Learning SME of the Month in December 2014.
Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to show how cloud computing is helping businesses to innovate in the marketplace. Any references to a specific cloud service customer or cloud service provider does not constitute an endorsement.