Defining Big Data

Trending July 2013 - As more kinds of data are being developed, many new definitions are also emerging. GovLoop, a Knowledge Network for Government, is promoting the view that big data should not be defined in terms of quantity or quality but simply as using data in new ways to deliver new insights. Big data is likely to be transformational but we are only at the tip of the iceberg. As governments collect, manage, and store increasing volumes of data, agencies are challenged to find actionable insights from the tsunami of data they are collecting. The explosion of data from social media, online transactions, and internal systems opens up more opportunities than ever before to transform government agencies through big data analysis. The core challenge for government departments is taking the initial steps to understand the risks and challenges to fully leverage big data analysis. The recent EMC/GovLoop Report, Finding New Efficiencies through Big Data Analysis, offers some interesting insights on the impact of big data analytics.