EC Concertation: RISCOSS achievements to date


RISCOSS aims to mitigate the risks and reduce the costs of open source software (OSS) adoption. To this end, it is developing both a methodology and a software platform that integrate the entire decision-making chain, from technology criteria to strategic concerns, thus facilitating open-source code adoption into mainstream products and services.


Key achievements include the development of the methodology based on the modelling and analysis of open-source software based ecosystems, statistical and logic based assessment and measurement techniques for managing risks and adapted to the specifics of open source software. These techniques also include ontologies for OSS ecosystems and risks, patterns for modelling OSS ecosystems according to the business strategies adopted, risk-reasoning techniques based on risk models and goal-oriented models.


RISCOSS has integrated these techniques into the prototype of its platform which will be used to evaluate the proposed methods in commercial settings, OSS communities and public sector organisations.


RISCOSS is a research and innovation initiative participating in the Software, Services & Cloud Computing Concertation Meeting 10-11 Sept 2014 in Brussels -

The theme of the workshop is Shaping Europe's future for software, services and cloud.

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