How The UK's G-Cloud Programme Would Benefit Europe

Focus Area

The G-Cloud, which launched in 2012, essentially provides an online Digital Marketplace where public organisations can find different services offered by a large amount of suppliers that are part of the G-Cloud Framework Agreement. The G-Cloud has definitely had an impact on the way the UK public sector buys commodity IT services and the government has been commended on the strides it has taken to refine the procurement and certification process through the G-Cloud.

The Intercloud - Understand how the Intercloud elegantly meets Public Sector IT requirements.

Setting the context of Government Cloud
Public Sector IT departments have traditionally been focused on managing technology and keeping operations running smoothly. Today, they must expand their scope beyond just running the overall digital environment. IT must align to the needs of government leaders and offer tailored services with a range of options for cost, security and performance.

Healthcare’s Love Hate Relationship with Data

Healthcare and data have the makings of an epic love affair, but like most relationships, it’s not all roses. Data is playing a powerful role in finding a cure for cancer, informing cost reduction, targeting preventative treatmentsand engaging healthcare consumers in their own care. The downside? Data is needy. It requires investments in connectedness, cleanliness and safety to maximize its potential.