iKaaS: integrate IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing for an innovative, multi-cloud environment


As we all know, Big Data and the Internet of Things are trends which will influence and impact the future development of cloud computing systems. One of the biggest challenges  for our society will be  to drive the technological progress to a place where everyone feels secure, while leveraging opportunities. 


In 2020, there will be 25 billion devices connected permanently to the Internet, plus 200 billion connected intermittently. Therefore it's crucial to have the capacity to storee this massive amount of data and the right technology to extract the KNOWLEDGE generated, without compromising security and privacy.


A multi‐cloud service platform needs to be able to handlethese challenges while  appearing to the application environment as  a unique and uniform platform, useful for different domains and able to work across borders. In this sense, iKaaS – intelligent Knowledge‐as‐a‐Service, a new project that has joined the CloudWatch Service Offer Catalogue, can make a real difference.


iKaaS aims to integrate three critical technological fields (IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing), to develop a new platform for knowledge generation that will be provided to users through applications that will run in a Multi-cloud environment.


But how will these 3  fields work together?

iKaas gathers data from IoT devices, applies Big Data analysis and derives knowledge that is then provided in a Cloud Service (Multi-Cloud Environment). The iKaaS multi-cloud environment is composed of applications or business domain clouds, named Local Clouds, which are fed with data and knowledge to supra cloud entities that manage and coordinate resources, application deployment, data exchange, etc. in order to empower new business opportunities while preserving security and privacy among the different business domains and across political borders.


What are the iKaaS core concepts?


Multi-Cloud Architecture: Security, Privacy & Trust

iKaaS will design an open, adaptable and secure ‘Everything as a Service’ framework with an optimal  deployment which will include migration and parallelization, as well as distributed management of smart objects, associated storage and theprocessing and communication of data, targeted to enable re‐usability of applications across different domains and platforms.


Knowledge as a Service

iKaaS will develop mechanisms for facilitating re‐usability of smart objects as a distributed data processing capability, across different administrative and business domains. 


Who are the iKaaS partners?

The iKaaS Consortium comprises of world‐class industrial actors (HITACHI, Atos, Innotec, Kokusai), research organizations (WINGS, Riken, CREATE-NET, KDD Labs) and Universities from Europe and Japan (University of Surrey, University of Oulu, Tohouku University), complemented with experienced Smart City service operators,public authorities and policy makers managing city services in the selected application areas.


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