Cloud computing offers many benefits for companies willing to store and process their data in the cloud. Cloud computing enhances business agility by helping to launch entirely new businesses with little upfront
capital. It is widely acknowledged today that clouds will have a strong near-term impact on the majority of organisations. However, the report, “Establishing a Trusted Cloud Europe” recognises that a number of uncertainties and challenges are hampering access to cloud services in Europe. One such concern that prevent customers from migrating to the cloud is security. Worries exist regarding issues such as data loss or leakage due to the lack of direct control by cloud clients over the storage and management of outsourced data.

This section provides you with an objective overview of recommendations and reports regarding cloud security in order to help you make the best choices. Also, check out CloudWATCH's CloudScout - a novel interactive tool for Managers of SMEs in Europe that provides low-threshold information tailored to your legal, organisational and technical requirements for a safe and secure use of cloud computing.

CloudWATCH: taking SMEs to the cloud with the European CloudScout

Thursday, 24 September, 2015 - 14:45

More and more small businesses are using the cloud to access markets more quickly, scale and grow without initial up-front costs needed for tradition IT infrastructures. Organisations that are not using the cloud need to start their cloud journey as soon as possible, particularly small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud services, the gateway to big, free-flowing and properly protected data? - 3 February 2015

Many innovative applications using cloud services and big data rely on trans-border data flows. Following the Snowden revelations and increased incidents or cyber-attacks, cloud security (including processing and storage locations) have become a very high priority for cloud providers, cloud customers and for regulators. This panel shared views on how the right balance can be struck between privacy and security considerations on the one hand, and securing the numerous benefits provided by innovative technologies on the other hand.