1st Cloud Interoperability Workshop "Proposing a seed portfolio" - Madrid - Sept 2013

The first workshop was held at the EGI Technical Forum in Madrid in September 2013 aimed at defining principles and specifications for the creation of an open schema to certify organisations and services against existing Cloud requirements and technical Cloud profiles. The workshop was based on existing material, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 17021:2011, ISO/IEC 27006:2011, ISO 19011, existing cloud specific certification schema, such as NIST FedRAMP, and under development and cloud specific certification schemas such as Cloud Security Alliance Open Certification Framework. It also collected further information such as the results of ENISA and EC effort under Action 1 of the European Cloud Strategy, “Cutting through the Jungle of Standards”

Using the format of lighting talks many speakers were able to present their ideas and take away messages to a well-attended event. With each talk of 5 minutes being voted, a select few were awarded 10 minutes of a more detailed talk. A seed profile portfolio driven by the members of the EGI Federated Cloud initiative was agreed to work upon to include the following existing standards:

  • Federated AAI: X.509, VO services & HTTP/1.1 profile
  • Accounting: OGF UR2.0 (originated from the Grid)
  • Information System: Machine-readable Cloud capabilities using OGF GLUE2
  • Cloud compute: Consistent access using OGF OCCI
  • Cloud Storage: Consistent access using SNIA CDMI
  • Image distribution: DMTF OVF and S/MIME-based Image subscription lists

Download the slides here