5th Cloud Interoperability Workshop "Engaging with SDOs" - Brussels - March 2015

Interoperability is a basic requirement for cloud services. It fosters fair competition and is fundamental to integrating components, so that an ongoing innovation process is possible. But interoperability demands common technical and legal parameters, which are related to open standards and governance.

While the momentum in the implementing community was growing, the fifth cloud interoperability workshop focused on engaging with Standards Development Organisations, aiming at getting as many of them as possible at the same table, discussing how and whether to join forces in furthering the standardisation of cloud computing. The workshop itself was integrated with the programme of the Cloudscape VII event held in march 2015 at the Microsoft Research Centre in Brussels. In brief, the workshop featured authors and users of four most popular cloud standards come together to learn from each other’s experiences and showcase benefits and best-practices:

  • TOSCA (OASIS) – Peter Gibbels, HP Software X-portfolio & HP Foundation Service Group
  • OCCI (OGF) – Alan Sill, VP Standards, OGF & Texas Tech University, USA/li>
  • P3201 (IEEE) – David Bernstein, IEEE & Managing Director of Cloud Strategy Partners, LLC
  • CDMI (SNIA) – Unfortunately the speaker had to cancel participation on short notice.

This CloudWATCH workshop provided user experience on standards-based interoperability, meeting increasing customer needs for freedom of choice and increased control.

More information can be found here