Sucre – Supporting cloud research exploitation

Focus: Consolidating European cloud computing and open source communities by creating a critical mass of stakeholders working together to promote the use of open source in cloud computing. The approach is based on two specific use cases: Open clouds for public sector applications and Open clouds for health care supply industry. Fostering interaction between the business and research communities with a particular focus on EU-Japan.

Coordinator: University of Athens, Greece

SyncFree – Large-scale computation without synchronisation

Focus: Large-scale online services including online social networks and multiplayer games handling huge quantities of frequently changing shared data. Growing scalability requirements no longer make it possible to maintain consistency in a centralised cloud. Instead, data must be replicated across several distributed datacentres, requiring new principled approaches to consistency that the SyncFree project will explore.

Coordinator: INRIA, France

U-QASAR – Universal quality assurance and control services for Internet applications with volatile requirements and contexts

Focus: Creating a flexible Quality Assurance, Control and Methodology to measure the quality of Internet-related software development projects and their resulting products. The methodology will be supported by an Internet solution composed of several knowledge services based on open standards capable of detecting changes in the scope and requirements of an Internet application, or changes in its development. Providing an adequate set of assessments to deliver an accurate measurement of the quality for the process and product at any time.