Agrivi Croatian startup brings farm management to the cloud

Agrivi, a Croatian company with its headquarters in London, UK, uses intelligent but affordable technology to significantly improve tracking, analysing and improving agricultural results so food production becomes more efficient and sustainable. 
  • Overcoming barriers to more effective and sustainable food production due to the lack of knowledge and data share among farmers the world over. 
  • Powerful farm management software, easy-to-manage infrastructure, saving time and money. 
  • Combining cloud proprietary and open source technologies for the best of both worlds. 
  • Scalability to ensure performance and uptime for quality of service and provision of computing power means the company can dynamically scale up as it grows.
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Food production is a major global concern but farmers all around the world lack knowledge on how to make their production effective and sustainable. Agrivi needed a solution that could meet the needs of the farming community while ensuring it could easily scale up as demand for its farm management software grows.
  • Create a powerful knowledge-based farm management software to make farmers more resource efficient, profitable and sustainable. 
  • highly scalable, reliable and cost-efficient infrastructure capable of collecting and computing large amounts of data in a fast growing market. 
  • An infrastructure that can smoothly handle a blend of proprietary cloud and open source technologies. 
  • A simple-to-use interface that all farmers know how to use and available on a global scale. 


Solution providers: Microsoft and open source technologies. Agrivi farm management software that was built with Microsoft .NET MVC 4 framework. It runs on 15 Windows (application servers) and Linux (database and web servers) virtual machines on Microsoft Azure platform.

Agrivi provides a standard SaaS solution for small and medium farmers plus an enterprise solution for large growers and agricultural co-operatives.
  • A user-friendly interface available on all devices through web and mobile apps, serving farmers from every part of the world, irrespective of geographical differences, and differences in timing and quantities.
  • Ability to create the biggest agricultural knowledge base in the world, using real data to identify patterns and improve the knowledge base, including data from automated sensors, such as soil moisture sensors, irrigation systems and local weather stations.
  • Allowing administrators to handle all the traffic between users and the servers so there is no – planned or unplanned – downtime.
  • Enabling the company to freely use open source software along with Microsoft technologies to develop the solution without any compromises. 
The ultimate benefits do not come from doing something new but being able to manage the entire infrastructure more easily, saving time and money. Having confidence in scalability to ensure performance and uptime for quality of service and provision of computing power means the company can dynamically scale up as it grows. Since Agrivi commercially launched its services, the company has acquired 3,000 customers from 120 countries. With 1 billion people in the agriculture industry on a global scale, Agrivi can expect a huge growth.
Source: Microsoft Europe
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