Apodesk, cloud-based software revolutionising the Italian pharmacy market

S’moove Software has developed Apodesk, a cloud software delivered as an online service for pharmacies, helping them save time and money.

Pharmacies use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to optimise the storage of thousands of drugs and other products, to automate purchases, as well as for invoicing and running loyalty campaigns. The downside? The Italian pharmacy market is packed with complex applications for running these services with just a handful of suppliers dominating the market.

S’moove Software set out to change this by developing Apodesk, a revolutionary way to view software with more modern interfaces and a better user experience. Cloud computing not only played a key role in revolutionising ERP software, it also helped this micro company to enter a new market.

Advantages of the cloud for S'moove Software and its customers

Apodesk, is a new-generation ERP application that takes advantage of the latest vendor technologies to offer an intuitive experience and efficient tool to get the job done. Simple icons equate to simple processes that speed up interactions with customers.

The cloud has helped this small software company move away from on-premise implementation. The major advantage for pharmacy customers is no longer having to run their own servers or complicated databases. These small businesses, which typically lack sophisticated IT skills, no longer need to pay expensive consultants for installing or updating their ERP. With Apodesk, updates take place automatically through a centralised database.

The cloud has helped S'moove Software enter a new market, where before it just couldn’t compete on the same level with competitors' distribution channels. With a cloud-based offer it can offer its ERP application right across the Italian market without ever having to leave the office unless a customer specifically asks for on-premise support.

S'mooth Software also gains operational efficiencies by only paying for the cloud resources it actually consumes.

Italian pharmacies save up to 50% compared with traditional ERP offers.

Solution provider: Microsoft Azure

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