Calls for Action from Public Consultation on Free Flow of Data

The European Commission has published calls for actions on data and cloud based on a public consultation on the European regulatory environment.
The main calls for action are:
1. Address data location restrictions as a barrier to the development of the EU data economy.
2. Tackle legal and technical restrictions to free flow of data.
3. Create a consistent framework for liability in data markets and the Internet of Things.
4. Provide guidance on data access, ownership, usage and transfer.
5. Investigate mechanisms for enabling appropriate access and use of data adapted to a specific sector.
The findings will feed into the impact assessment and draft initiative on the free flow of data.
More generally, respondents also agree that the European Open Science Cloud would increase the impact of research and make science more efficient by sharing resources at national and international levels.
The Consultation workshop on the Free Flow of Data on 18 May 2016 is the place to be for discussing the issue of data localisation restrictions and legal barriers to the free flow of data. The initiative will also deal with other emerging issues such as data ownership and access to data, liability, interoperability, and re-use of data.