Cloud in Practice Programme

Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things: How they transform the retail industry accros Europe - 15 October

Retail is being transformed at an accelerated pace by ICT: this much at least comes out loud and clear on taking the pulse of European online shoppers (see UPS Pulse of the online Shopper) or on key numbers on online shopping by Fevad (see Chiffres Cles 2015).
Empowered shoppers are none the easier to serve since the behavior of ‘Flex Shoppers’ may prove hard to predict occasionally. Though bucking the trend towards the promised land envisioned by predictive analytics, this finding is not to say that remedies to present inconveniences (enhanced information, easier navigation on websites, clearer price and return policies, etc.) will not be able to contain the negative side of the ‘impulse’ factor.

Cloud and Big Data: How they transform the banking industry - 14 July 2015


The panel of experts included Gino Thielemans, Head of IT Supervision, National Bank of Belgium; Noémie Papp, Legal Adviser, Consumer Affairs and Coordinator Digital issues, European Banking Federation; and Bruno Schroder, National Technology Officer, Microsoft. It was moderated by Florian Damas, Alcatel-Lucent, and Vice Chair, Cloud Council, DIGITALEUROPE.


Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things: How they transform eHealth - 27 May 2015

What does it take to achieve the triple win envisioned by the Commission: a better quality of life for European citizens, innovation and growth for a competitive EU industry and more sustainable healthcare systems for society? This particular workshop afforded participants an opportunity to hear the Commission’s views and those of major players in this field.

Cloud, Big Data and Education: unleashing the potential of ICT-enhanced learning - 10 March 2015

In 2013, the European Commission has set ‘a European agenda for stimulating high-quality, innovative ways of learning and teaching through new technologies and digital content’. The ICT industry has been happy to answer this call with a heavy diet of cloud services and big data. This particular workshop provided an opportunity to check where we stand in this respect and to probe the Commission’s views on how ‘Opening up education’ has fared two years on.

Cloud services, the gateway to big, free-flowing and properly protected data? - 3 February 2015

Many innovative applications using cloud services and big data rely on trans-border data flows. Following the Snowden revelations and increased incidents or cyber-attacks, cloud security (including processing and storage locations) have become a very high priority for cloud providers, cloud customers and for regulators. This panel shared views on how the right balance can be struck between privacy and security considerations on the one hand, and securing the numerous benefits provided by innovative technologies on the other hand.

Transitioning to the Cloud: is the public sector buying in? - 24 October 2014

The public sector is one of the three pillars of the European cloud strategy. The European Commission has spared no effort to spur governments on to become thoroughly cloud-active - including across borders - in the best interest of their citizens and businesses. Our distinguished panel provided a state of play in this respect. They shared their perspective on how effective the various instruments developed by the Commission have proven and on a possible way forward.

Are telecommunications infrastructures an integral and essential part of cloud? - 14 March 2014

Infrastructures are a fundamental ingredient of a successful cloud strategy, the starting point actually. This workshop heard the views of the Commission, of network equipment manufacturers and of lead suppliers of cloud services to stir a debate on how they apply concretely to the daily operations of public and private users of these services.

The Public Sector and the Cloud: Leading by Example - 7 November 2013

Together with SMEs which lie at the heart of Europe’s industrial fabric, the public sector provides a key test bed for the EU’s cloud strategy. Since trust, security, affordability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness are the main considerations that inform the decision to transition IT systems to the cloud, governments and public institutions must set the pace. Our distinguished guests will lead a debate on how they have fared so far in this respect and what it takes to improve this act.

Cloud in Practice Programme: What’s in it for SMEs? Workshop - 15 May 2013

By affording lower barrier to entry and scalability, the cloud enables superior delivery of current services and the development of innovative offerings. By securing the same level of service irrespective of the size of the provider, it allows SMEs to match the quality of bigger companies. Accordingly, it provides all players in the business ecosystem with equal opportunities of major magnitude. The next frontier seems to be the mobile cloud.

Standards and Cloud: The Quest for a Magic Formula - 12 December 2012

The Cloud in Practice Programme is aimed at gathering the experts most likely to help set up successful cloud operations. The first workshop on 12 December 2012 addressed the issue of standards. The Commission pointed out that a successful cloud in Europe must serve the main objectives of the Digital Agenda and fit existing and future legal frameworks concerned. Three drivers in particular will inform this success: standards and certification; contracts; procurement.