CloudWATCH: Final report on Cloud standards profile development (Update 1)

CloudWATCH has created a portfolio of European and international use cases to identify common requirements from a security and interoperability perspective. We have used these to develop and test a set of common standards profiles around federated cloud services.


This report provides a flexible methodology that allows a certain group of participants in a cloud computing eco-system (providers, customers, 3rd party service providers, legal organisations, etc.) (a) to identify common interests regarding standard profiling, and (b) to derive a focussed set of use cases as a basis for profiling. These use cases form the basis for the selection of standards that may contribute to the profile under development, and for understanding how to restrict or extend these standards as part of the actual profiling work. 


Target audiences: Cloud computing projects and initiatives including projects funded by DG CONNECT Unit E2 Software, Services and Cloud Computing projects. Standards Development Organisations, particularly IEEE P2301, OGF OCCI.

Authors: Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer FOKUS

Contributing authorsMichel Drescher,, David Wallom and Neil Caithness, Oxford University, Jesus Luna, Cloud Security Alliance and Patrice Chazerand, Digital Europe