CloudWATCH: Shaping Europe’s future for software, services and cloud. Software & Services, Cloud Computing

Shaping Europe’s future for software, services and cloud. Software & Services, Cloud Computing - EU Interoperable cloud services & solutions report - Concertation Meeting Report, September 2014. 

This report gives an overview of the results emerging from the second Concertation meeting for the unit Software Services and Cloud (Unit E2) at DG CONNECT, European Commission. It highlights the main outcomes of the event, including recommendations for the H2020 LEIT ICT Work Programme 2016 -2017, as well as on-going efforts to address common challenges around software and service development in the area of cloud computing by initiatives funded under ICT Calls 8 and 10, Unit E2.


Target audiences: EC representatives, contributors to H2020 LEIT ICT WP2016 -2017, participants at Concertation meeting

AuthorsNicholas Ferguson, Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT Services and David Wallom, e-Research Centre, Oxford University

Contributing authors: Karim Djemame, University of Leeds & ASCETIC, Jörg Domaschka, University Ulm & CACTOS, Alfredo Matos, Caixa Magica & PROSE, Clara Pezuela, ATOS & ARTIST, Sinead Queely, TSSG & OPENi, Lutz Schubert, University of Ulm & PaaSage