Clusters of European Projects on Cloud

CloudWATCH has been instrumental in supporting the establishment and outputs of the Clusters of European Projects on Cloud which is supported by the European Commission.

The goal of the Clusters is to create an environment where projects funded by the European Community (in particular, the recipients of ICT7 and H2020 grants) can interact and find synergies among them. Each cluster has set specific goals but all of them focus on collaboration among members on technical aspects as well as on the identification of trends in the relevant markets and on engaging in innovative ways to address such trends.

CloudWATCH has supported the Clusters at Concertation meetings and is also a member of the cluster on Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud where we have contributed to the cluster’s whitepaper.

See how CloudWATCH2 is addressing challenges for trustworthy (multi-)cloud-based services in the Digital Single Market.


Software Engineering for Services and Applications

The SE4SA (Software Engineering for Services and Applications) cluster aims to facilitate the discussion among the experts in the area to exchange experiences and competences and to identify research directions and challenges as well as common plans to address them. The following table provides an overview of current challenges identified by the SE4SA cluster so far and topics for the 2018-2020 WP.

CW2 Concertation report Cluster website | Cluster white paper | Concertation Presentation


Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues

Despite the achieved advances and commercial uptake, Cloud technologies and models have yet to reach their full potential. Many Cloud capabilities need still to be further developed and researched, so to allow their exploitation into a full degree. All along the Cloud stack (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) commercial product developments today are based into proprietary solutions that drive to a vendor lock-in situation for the existing adopters. In this context, the realisation of multi-clouds is materialised though internal clouds and interactions between public-private Clouds which is hardly automatised and, in any case, automatic. In addition, security, trust and legal compliance issues still act as barriers for a wider uptake

CW2 Concertation reportCluster website | Cluster white paper | Concertation Presentation


Novel approaches and technologies for resource and service management

NATRES cluster is a forum for discussing the current research and innovation challenges encountered at infrastructure-as-a-service level generated by the desire to improve the user experiences and the efficient use of the available resources. The current trends include the integration of special devices from high performance computing to mobile devices, design of decentralised service-oriented systems, improvement of the virtualization technologies, overcoming portability and interoperability issues, or automation of organisation and management of back-end resources. Cloud-based applications from the fields of Internet-of-Things and Big Data are also expected to challenge the new services. 

CW2 Concertation reportCluster website | Cluster white paper | Concertation Pesentation


Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud

The DPSP Cluster deals with hot topics in Cloud research and innovation: Data Protection, Security and Privacy, which are closely related to each other. The Cluster aims at increasing the impact of the integrating projects by identifying synergies and collaboration opportunities, exchanging knowledge and carrying out technical discussions to ensure the projects advance over the state of the art and provide value added solutions to the market. The innovation in cloud security and privacy go hand in hand with the advances in cloud technologies and services themselves. The Cluster gathers 25 EU-funded research projects that work on trust and security of cloud services. We believe that by working together, the projects can make a greater difference in EU cloud security solutions.

CW2 Concertation report Cluster website | Cluster white paper | Concertation Presentation