Education user stories


sCool is a project from LearnScape tested with children aged 7 to 11 in a Primary School in Antwerp. The initial goal was to educate children about digital social behaviour and the use of social apps. Expert input came from GO!, Microsoft and Child Focus.


Smartschool is a Cloud-based platform to connect teachers, students and parents following the needs of schools and teaching. Besides a web app, Smartschool provides mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10.


This case study looks at how the group of schools (KOGEKA) in the north of Belgium (4750 pupils, 6 secondary schools, 1 primary school) connecting learning, technology and 21st century skills.


VivaCognita is is a Web-based knowledge sharing and knowledge building community platform with a free and open access for anyone interested in mathematics, computer science or IT.

The district town of Unna was challenged to equip its approximately 10,000 students and 620 teachers at 21 schools with a modern IT infrastructure. The target was to harmonize the cacophony of different hardware and software systems with the motto "everything in the cloud"

Open eClass

Within the framework of distance learning a variety of technological environments have been developed, offering alternative methods of learning, based on a diverse philosophy moving away from traditional teaching and schooling.