EuroCloud – STAR Audit

Name of the programme: EuroCloud Star Audit (ECSA) . The international platform based on Promis with multiple languages available in Q2/2014

Governing of the standard: EuroCloud

Accreditation Body/Bodies: In preparation

Scope: Transparency about the Cloud Service Delivery chain and involved subcontractors. Legal compliance according to individual regulations per EU country. Data Security and Data privacy. DC resilience. Business Operations. Reversibility and Interoperability

Cloud-relevance: ECSA is cloud specific quality insurance and certification programme

Type of certifiable organisation: Any SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Type of trust models applicable: Self-assessment (no certificate, only benchmark)

Third party assessment with certification

Is the certification proprietary or open: Open (fully disclosed version available through ECSA Assessment tool, registration required)

Programme, status (operational, in development): Operational

The following text is based on information received from EuroCloud:

The EuroCloud STAR Audit programme is based on:

  • Detailed market analysis about the European Cloud Provider setup
  • Modular structure of the certification pillars to co-work on Cloud Service certification and allow each involved entity to take care about their areas
  • Allow partial certification (e.g. datacentre or SaaS Ready) to provide prepared approval for full Cloud Service certification
  • Various publications to train the market with the key requirements
  • Strong involvement of IT Lawyers to include country specific legal and compliance requirements.

The EuroCloud Star Audit (ECSA) is scoping solely for the European Market and has established partnerships throughout the EuroCloud network with 22 EuroCloud associations. There is a strong involvement in EU and country specific initiatives especially in the area of data protection form a European and country specific understanding.

The graduation by 3 to 5 Stars for a trusted Cloud Service allows a differentiation according to the market needs and is affordable even for SME CSPs. Beside this the modular structure is prepared to provide core service certification with a minimum of effort for add on Services.