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“The CloudTeams project, lead by Fraunhofer FIT, has successfully raised its Market and Technology Readiness score in under 6 months from "4" to "7" after the initial MTRL workshop. The consortium has been working hard to launch it's final platform version and has been active in developing a go-to-market strategy as advised in the MTRL framework. Now we have launched on time and on budget, we are in an excellent position to pursue a full rollout with our target users - start-ups, software developers and consumers - in Europe. We look forward to seeing how other innovative cloud and R&D projects benefit from the MTRL method as they move towards launch, and utilise the business modelling framework to reduce time-to-market. Good luck with CloudExpo and the next intake!

Sotiris Koussouris, Scientific Responsible, CloudTeams H2020 Project

About CloudTeams

CloudTeams is a crowdsourcing platform that connects software developers with software testers. This project addresses two main problems in the European software market: finding matching users to validate software features early in the development cycle and reducing the overall cost of testing. This is a 2-year project finishing around February 2017. CloudTeams was scored at (MRL 4 : TRL 4) due to the fact that it had not launched its beta yet. We anticipate a rapid increase in both technology and market readiness upon launch, with an MTRL potential of (MRL 6 : TRL 7) due to their strong planning and ability to execute.

Defining Commercial stakeholder groups

Two of CloudTeams’ project leaders joined the workshop to discuss key recommendations to elaborate on new commercial stakeholder groups which we identified, a demand generation model we provided that would drive signups through their website, specific advice on licensing models to create revenue streams supporting the project’s sustainability objectives, refining their value proposition to include in-house developers within a large organisation as well as external software development providers, and a go-to-market strategy that targeted such potential users.

CloudTeams & TRL and MRL

CloudTeams has demonstrated exemplary progress and collaboration, and with the right support in connecting a community of software development projects to a sufficiently diverse and engaged community of testers, it is likely that CloudTeams may progress quickly through several Technology & Market Readiness levels over the coming months with their launch.

Since the assessment in November 2016, the CloudTeams project successfully launched its collaborative platform at in early Q2 2017.

At the time of writing, it is hosting 50+ projects in more than 20 categories. With that in mind, CloudTeams is currently estimated to score at (MRL 6.5 : TRL 8).


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