HOLA Cloud Roadmap

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016 - 09:15

The Cloud Forward Roadmap aims at setting mid/long term R&D priorities of the areas of Software, Services and Cloud Computing. Next Cloud Forward Conference will be held in Madrid from 18th to 20th October 2016. The conference will provide the scientific community a dedicated setting for presenting and discussing innovative technologies in the area of distributed computing as well as new technologies beyond CLOUDs.

Final version of SLALOM Legal Model Terms

Monday, 16 May, 2016 - 15:30

SLALOM Legal Team, has released the final version of SLALOM Legal Model Terms. The goal of this document is to discuss the main legal issues which impact on the relationship between a cloud provider and a cloud adopter, and how such issues are generally provided for under contractual terms.

Take the Cloud Service Level Agreement Survey

Tuesday, 22 March, 2016 - 11:00
SPECS is a European project that has developed an open source framework for security-as-a-service in cloud-based IT environments. The SPECS framework relies on security parameters specified in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and also provdes the techniques to systematically manage their life cycle. 

Mapping the cloud landscape at Cloudscape 2016

Monday, 14 March, 2016 - 17:15
If one thing is clear, then it is the widespread adoption of Cloud Computing in all its aspects and variants. However, with a thousand flowers are blooming it becomes increasingly difficult to find the flowers matching your individual needs.

SLALom: DOs and DON’Ts of SLA research

Thursday, 18 February, 2016 - 15:15
With proposal writing for the next H2020 well underway, the SLALOM project has created a short list based on their experience working closely with cloud providers, adopters, policymakers and standardisation initiatives such as ISO, with whom it has official liaison status.

Privacy worries hamper take-up of cloud storage across Europe

Tuesday, 16 February, 2016 - 14:45
Cloud storage generally refers to remotely hosted, shared and managed storage, normally sold on a subscription basis with usage-based pricing. There are many advantages of cloud storage, such as rejuvenating your organisation, offloading all that troublesome and expensive on-premise hardware, and helping you prepare your staff and applications for Generation Mobile.
But is the adoption of cloud storage a one-size-fits-all across geographic boundaries?