Nu@ge, French for ‘cloud’, is a cloud computing system made by and for Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) that has started to unveil its technical model

The goal is to create the cloud computing systems of tomorrow: open systems with material components and external software spread out over a regional French network and housed in modular low-energy ecological datacenters that are as close to users as possible. The research project will draw to a close in July 2014 after 30 months of group work. Nu@ge‘s technical model is based on open-source components. It aims at giving data and application control back to users in order to create a situation that fosters trust-based relationships.

In the months to come, the consortium will be spreading the word about nuage by revealing expert opinions from each one of the project partners on two of the project’s major facets, security and respect for the environment. Non Stop Systems’ Marc Triboulet, the project leader, declared, “The nu@ge project partnership’s hope is that as a group, we can create a new model for cloud computing in France, a model that is more accountable because it is secure and green, and more socially responsible because it is communal and local.

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