CloudWATCH Reports

CloudWATCH: Legal Guide to the Cloud: How to protect personal data in cloud service contracts

CloudWATCH: While cloud technologies and services have evolved fast are are increasingly benefitting businesses, governments and consumers, contracts regulating cloud services have not. Cloud service providers typically offer contracts in a standard and non-negotiable form. Cloud service customers are typically data controllers under European Union law, but may find it difficult to discharge services towards data subjects and Data Protection Authorities. 


CloudWATCH: Best practices for Cloud standards profile development

Standard profiles provide a clarification and constriction of a set of standards for a given application domain. The purpose of this report to provide a summary of the specific cloud standards profile activities undertaken, based on that present a best practices methodology for initiating and overseeing the development of cloud standards profiles that should be implemented.


CloudWATCH: EU Interoperable cloud services & solutions - First Concertation Meeting report

This document gives an overview of the results emerging from the first Concertation meeting for the unit Software Services and Cloud computing. The document highlights the main outcomes of the event including an initial analysis of potential clustering themes and future collaborations. The document also examines the use of standards by Call 8 and Call 10 projects.


CloudWATCH: Guidelines on how to protect personal data in cloud service contracts

The objective of this document is to provide some basic guidelines to cloud clients when entering a cloud computing contract. A series of recurrent contractual issues has been identified and addressed in a short and comprehensive way from the data protection law standpoint. References to other checklists and standards tackling issues critical for cloud services are also provided when relevant.


CloudWATCH: Reference Model Framework Report

This report provides a framework for the presentation of use cases for the purpose of the derivation of standardization requirements and the development of standard profiles for various areas from the cloud computing domain. It is intended to be of value for researchers and standardization experts that employ a use case driven approach.


CloudWATCH: Shaping Europe’s future for software, services and cloud - Second Concertation Meeting Positon Papers

The 2nd Concertation Meeting explored themes for LEIT 2016-2017 Programme through keynotes and break-out sessions dedicated to cloud computing research, software engineering and open source research. This report provides an overview of the event proceedings.