Public Sector Transfomation

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 22 September, 2015 - 09:30

Integrating digital into the delivery of public services in Europe.

European governments have been operating under unprecedented financial constraints for a number of years. How best to deliver public services more efficiently, while broadening inclusion both in access to services and in participation in democratic functions therefore, has never been higher on the political agenda.

Redesigning the framework for such interactions and understanding how public service delivery can be challenged and modernised using digital technologies, raises democratic, economic and technical questions. But the benefits are, it is argued, clear. The European Commission estimates that implementation around Europe of the "once only principle", for example, could generate an annual net saving at the EU 28 level of around €5 billion per year by 2017. In this context, the development of a public service arena with cross border interoperability at its heart appears key to driving economic, civil and democratic progress.

This conference will use case studies and digital stories from around European member states to animate and bring to life the impact that digital can, and is having, on the delivery of public services. The harnessing of big data, the benefits of open data, open government and open services will all feature, as will discussions on infrastructure, scale, and the role of the citizen via social media, co-creation and collaboration.

Following the release of the Digital Single Market Strategy and timed to take place during the Commission’s preparations for their new E-Government action plan, this conference is a must attend event for those seeking to feed into policy thinking in the area.

There are no fees to attend for public sector representatives.

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