Broker@Cloud - Enabling continuous quality assurance and optimization in future enterprise cloud service brokers

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Sunday, 30 September, 2012
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Monday, 31 October, 2016
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As the number of externally-sourced services in an enterprise cloud environment increases, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep track of when and how services evolve over time. Moreover, it becomes increasingly more difficult to appreciate the impact that a change can have with respect to a service’s compliance to different policies and regulations, its conformance to normative technical specifications and contracts (Service Level Agreements), and generally, with respect to the fulfillment of all different kinds of functional and non-functional requirements surrounding a particular service’s usage. The availability of increasing numbers of cloud services that offer similar functionality under comparable terms of provision, despite the obvious benefits, is nevertheless adding to the overall complexity and contributes towards even higher management costs, as enterprises have to invest a lot of effort in identifying suitable alternatives, either proactively, or on a need-to basis.

To address the aforementioned mentioned pain points, the Broker@Cloud framework mechanisms will help cloud service brokers and service consumers to evaluate and analyze the execution of cloud services offered by the service providers. Broker@Cloud will also enable optimized service selection, failure prevention and recovery capabilities to consumers and service providers during service operation.

How will your solution/service benefit the end-user? 

Broker@Cloud provides a unique holistic solution for quality assurance, optimization, failure prevention and recovery brokerage mechanisms together with a baseline framework for building new cloud service brokerage mechanisms.

Through the Broker@Cloud framework mechanisms, all services offered on the integrated cloud service brokerage platform are continuously monitored against SLA agreements. In case of a violation, the framework’s mechanisms will reason about appropriate adaptation actions such as substituting a service. In addition, the failure prevention mechanism can indicate that there are risks for other consumers of the service that has just failed, and produce warnings or proactively generate an adaptation plan. Through complex event processing, the brokerage framework mechanisms can also detect that the response time of a service is dropping rapidly, and predict a forthcoming failure.

The prevention mechanisms of Broker@Cloud can then plan and enact the necessary adaptations. Moreover, Broker@Cloud provides a user-friendly way for the cloud consumers to declare their preferences based on a number of precise and imprecise criteria and receive recommendations through the comparison of the available cloud services. Finally, based on the Broker@Cloud framework, novel advanced cloud service brokerage mechanisms could be built, interconnected with each other and integrated into cloud service brokerage platforms.


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