Service Offer catalogue

Europe is a world leader in research and innovation on cloud software and services with the European Commission investing heavily in research in this area. New cutting-edge results and Open Source Software are published everyday. With our catalogue, you can now Search for service offers that are emerging from top-class European research projects.

Each service offer gives an overview of the pain points that the projects address from a user-perspective. You can now search the catalogue based on technical priorities that are addressed and the vertical markets that are targetted. Simply use the filters on the right to find solutions to meet your needs.

European research projects are thinking strategically which means looking at technology and market uptake as part of the same equation. These service offers demonstrate this through challenging, interoperable cloud services playing which play a very important role in extending the market and in bringing business benefits to both the supply and demand sides.

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HNSciCloud: Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud

The HNSciCloud project will establish a European hybrid cloud platform to support the deployment of high-performance computing and big-data capabilities for scientific research. It will address a set of challenges: compute and storage, network connectivity and federated identity management, and service payment models.

iKaaS - intelligent Knowledge-as-a-Service Platform

iKaaS is paving the way towards trouble-free multi-cloud based services. We envision that in this scenario, many parties can be a provider as well as a consumer of cloud-based assets, helping to extend cloud capabilities and leverage at the same time the wealth of knowledge and services empowered through this.

MELODIC: Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimized Data-Intensive Computing

Melodic is a solution for autonomic and secure cross Cloud deployment, monitoring, and context adaptation of big data applications requiring frameworks like Apache Hadoop or Spark by constantly watching the execution, and ensuring an optimised mapping of the application's data sets and processing jobs according to your goals and requirements.