Service/Solution offers

This section contains a portfolio of over 70 stimulating service offers for trusted and secure services that will emerge from the E2 unit of DG CONNECT Software & Services & Cloud Computing. The service cards aim to provide a focus on the cloud ecosystem emerging from European research and innovation projects.
Europe is a world leader in research and innovation on cloud software and services and it is imperative that it retains this position. This very much depends on Europe innovating at the technological level and demonstrating tangible business value. European research projects are thinking strategically which means looking at technology and market uptake as part of the same equation. These service offers demonstrate this through challenging, interoperable cloud services playing which play a very important role in extending the market and in bringing business benefits to both the supply and demand sides.

CUMULUS - Certification Infrastructures for Multi Layer Cloud Services

CUMULUS is addressing the need to create efficient and automated processes for certifying security properties of cloud services of all the different layers in the cloud stack, including infrastructure, platform and software services.

CYCLONE - Complete Dynamic Multi-cloud Application Management

Complex applications are often distributed between cloud infrastructures to provide resilience against cloud provider outages, higher levels of elasticity, and better response times for their users by placing services near the clients.

DICE - Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements

DataInc is a small software vendor selling cloud-based Big Data services. DataInc has to deliver an initial version of a new Big Data application within 3 months, capable of processing sensor data acquired from a geographical area, with the goal of increasing coverage of areas, sensors and compute capacity on a monthly basis.

ECIM - European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility

A majority of European mobility-related public and private sector institutions still struggle to take maximum advantage of the cloud to deliver services and data online in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

ENTICE: dEcentralized repositories for traNsparent and efficienT vIrtual maChine opErations

In this project, we research and create a novel VM repository and operational environment for federated Cloud infrastructures aiming to:

simplify the creation of lightweight and highly optimised VM images tuned for functional descriptions of applications;

Envisage - Engineering Virtualized Services

Cloud computing allows software developers to control resource parameters such as the choice of processors, the amount of memory, storage capacity, and bandwidth. When software is designed based on specific assumptions about the size of data structures, the amount of RAM, and the number of processors, rescaling requires extensive design changes.

ESCUDO-CLOUD - Enforceable Security in the Cloud to Uphold Data Ownership

Today, users placing data in the cloud need to put complete trust that the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) will correctly manage such data.


The EUBrasilCloudFORUM Coordination and Support Action aims at establishing an organisational cooperation model that enables the EU and Brazil to formulate and develop a common strategy and approach for Research & Innovation in Cloud Computing in line with the priorities of each region.

HEADS - Heterogeneous and Distributed Services for the Future Computing Continuum

The goal is to empower the software and services industry to better take advantage of the opportunities of the future computing continuum and to effectively provide new innovative services that are seamlessly integrated to the physical world making them more pervasive, more robust, more reactive and closer (physically, socially, emotionally, etc.) to their users.

HOLA CLOUD - Effective collaboration for European RD and Innovation in software, services and Cloud computing: Knowledge discovery and Roadmapping

HOLA CLOUD targets all the stakeholders of the R&D domain in the field of Software, Services and Cloud computing including researchers, industrial players, related national and EU funded projects but also policy makers.

HTML5Apps - HTML5 for Apps: Closing the Gaps

HTML5Apps is targeting app developers who want to break free of the limitations of today’s “native apps” (centralized and proprietary app stores, lack of cross-device support) by using HTML5, CSS and Javascript to develop their applications. While already powerful, HTML5 cannot be used to fully replace native apps today.

HyVar - Scalable Hybrid Variability for Distributed Evolving Software Systems

ICT is becoming increasingly integrated into our everyday environment. It is distributed on all kinds of devices from cars to household appliances. On top of that versions evolve continuously according to customer needs. The value chain of this process consists of:

iKaaS - intelligent Knowledge-as-a-Service Platform

We are a city council caring about the health and safety of our citizens. We have a wealth of information coming from various sensors in our city but we can’t make sense of all that information and how to use it.

INPUT - In-Network Programmability for next-generation personal cloUd service supporT

The INPUT Project aims to contribute to the evolution of the Internet “brain” beyond current limitations due to obsolete IP network paradigms, by moving cloud services much closer to end-users and smart-devices.

IOStack - Software Defined Storage for Big Data

The main objective is to create IOStack: a Software-defined Storage toolkit for Big Data on top of the OpenStack platform. IOStack will enable efficient execution of virtualized analytics applications over virtualized storage resources thanks to flexible, automated, and low cost data management models based on software-defined storage (SDS).

LEADS - Large-Scale Elastic Architecture for Data as a Service

Only the biggest information technology players, e.g., Google or Amazon, have access to the necessary infrastructure for storing and processing data available on the Web. Small and medium companies (SMEs) have no other choice than relying on such companies with dedicated data centers to provide them the necessary resources to store and mine public data.

MARKOS - The MARKet for Open Source – An Intelligent Virtual Open Source Marketplace

In Europe, the Open Source Software (OSS) industry frees software users and developers from technological barriers, allowing them to explore, compare, integrate and customise OSS solutions efficiently and systematically, while avoiding license conflicts and infringements.

Mikelangelo - Improving Responsiveness and Agility of HPC Cloud Infrastructure

Mikelangelo targets providers of computational infrastructures, HPC, and big data services. We help providers to take full advantage of cloud computing on virtual infrastructures. Our users use cloud computing to highly utilise their infrastructure, to deploy applications easily, and to isolate applications between tenants as much as possible.

MODAClouds - MOdel-Driven Approach for design and execution of applications on multiple Clouds

Let’s take an example. MODAFIN is a software development company specialised in IT applications for financial services. Its main product line is a proprietary solution for stock market operations, cash administration, and lending management. The most profitable activities are software customisation and life-cycle management.

MONDO - Scalable Modelling and Model Management on the Cloud

Mondo targets software developers and software development managers who have adopted or are planning to adopt model-based engineering (MBE) methods for software development. In particular, developers of large and complex software applications, or software development teams who need to work together to develop a software application or system using MBE.

MUSA - Multi-cloud Secure Applications

The main goal of MUSA is to support the security-intelligent lifecycle management of distributed applicationsover heterogeneous cloud resources, through a security framework that includes: a) security-by-design mechanisms to allow application self-protection at runtime, and b) methods and tools for the integrated security assurance in both the engineering and operat

OPENi - Open-Source, Web-Based, Framework for Integrating Applications with Cloud-based Services and Personal Cloudlets

OPENi addresses the issue of user personal data privacy, allowing users to decide which aspects of their personal data they are prepared to share by giving them the option of fine grained authorisation and access control. Through the OPENi platform we are aiming to alter the dynamics of user control over their personal data.

ORBIT - Business Continuity as a Service

More and more areas of public life are becoming dependent on availability of Internet based services. Banks, logistics, travel, sales and media, to name a few, are severely disrupted when hit by service outages.

PaaSage - Model Based Cloud Platform Upperware

“Developing once and deploying on different Clouds” is not the reality today for software developers and system administrators. Methods and tools are critically missing for supporting the development, the deployment and the execution of Cloud applications.

PaaSword - A Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a Service Framework Introducing Distributed Encrypted Pers

Although enterprises recognize the compelling economic and operational benefits of running applications and services in the Cloud, security and data privacy concerns are the main barriers in Cloud adoption.

Panacea - Proactive Autonomic Management of Cloud Resources

The main objective of the project "PANACEA" is to provide Proactive Autonomic Management of Cloud Resources, based on Machine Learning, as a remedy to the exponentially growing Cloud complexity. PANACEA will allow users several advanced possibilities, based on the Machine Learning (ML) framework, and the autonomic principles.

PICSE - Procurement innovation for cloud services in Europe

The public sector is bound by procurement procedures and is not tailored to the dynamic, on-demand and elastic nature of cloud services. Procurement rules in some Member States can also make it difficult to sell cloud solutions to the public sector. PICSE targets the needs of public research organisations and libraries intending to procure cloud services.

PROSE - Promoting open source projects in European Projects

The open source projects Europe platform is targeting users that want to:

PROWESS - Property-based testing for web services

Prowess is addressing the need for effective and efficient testing automation techniques and tools focusing, in particular, on web services-based systems and cloud computing. The possibilities associated with cloud computing provide instant scalability, flexibility and availability for testing on demand with no upfront investment.