CloudPier - an open source multi-cloud application manager for PaaS

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

I would like to use a cloud PaaS to develop new applications, this will increase the competitive edge for my business.

So, what's stopping me?

I find it hard to compare competitive offerings because they are very different.

Even if I find the right one, I am worried about vendor lock-in and high switching costs that could be a business risk.

The situation is worse when I start looking at multiple cloud solutions. The market is diversifying and there is a mix and match of best-in-breed solutions. As a PaaS customer, I don't have the right tools to manage multiple deployments between various platforms.

How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?
Cloud Pier has really helped my business to get a head start.
  • My business can now contrast and compare different platforms for my application without getting confused and frustrated.
  • This reduces our operational overhead with multi-cloud application management.
  • We find particularly helpful the simple governance, dashboard monitoring, and unified metrics.
  • The user-defined SLA policies between platforms is an important business benefit.
  • Cloud Pier helps alleviate vendor lock-in and lower switching costs in the ecosystem of platform adapters.
  • This means my developers can migrate applications between competing private and public PaaS.