HTML5Apps - HTML5 for Apps: Closing the Gaps

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

HTML5Apps is targeting app developers who want to break free of the limitations of today’s “native apps” (centralized and proprietary app stores, lack of cross-device support) by using HTML5, CSS and Javascript to develop their applications. While already powerful, HTML5 cannot be used to fully replace native apps today. This is because it is lacking a number of important functionalities such as

  • support for “installing” an app
  • support for handling of payments
  • rich APIs to interact with devices (e.g. to access bluetooth or NFC functionality)

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HTML5 roadmap

Current Cloud and Web roadmap

Going Global - HTML5Apps Position Paper for Cloudscape Brazil 2015, HTML5Apps: Cloud and web standard Roadmap

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How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?

With the standards started with the help of the HTML5Apps project, app developers will increasingly be able to use HTML5 for apps that they could not do before, creating an alternative to app stores and avoiding many of their issues (app store approval process, revenue sharing with the app store provider, proprietary development environment, …). In particular, HTML5 standards on support for installing apps, handling of payments and access to device features such as Bluetooth or NFC are well advanced and first implementations in HTML5 platforms are available.