MONDO - Scalable Modelling and Model Management on the Cloud

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

Mondo targets software developers and software development managers who have adopted or are planning to adopt model-based engineering (MBE) methods for software development. In particular, developers of large and complex software applications, or software development teams who need to work together to develop a software application or system using MBE. Mondo also targets modelling tools and model management technology providers.

Mondo addresses a number of pain points for these stakeholders. While MBE has been shown to provide substantial improvements in software development productivity and significantly enhance maintainability, consistency and traceability of software, existing modelling and model management technologies are being stressed to their limits in two dimensions: 1) their capacity to support collaborative development where several software developers or large teams of developers need to design or maintain a model for a software application; and 2) their capacity to efficiently manage and store large models of more than a few hundreds of megabytes in size.

Many organisations have committed substantial investments in moving towards MBE for software development only to discover that when using MBE for their larger software applications existing modelling tools have performance issues and create bottlenecks.

Some industries (e.g. Construction) have adopted standardised models that provide important benefits in automation and traceability, but often when these standard models are deployed the tools and storage technologies become overloaded.

Project's major results: 

MONDO has developed an open source platform that consists of components that provide scalable model persistence, indexing and retrieval facilities, support for collaborative modelling amongst large teams, parallel execution of model queries and transformations, and an Eclipse-based developer workbench that includes tooling for developing these queries and transformations, for querying model indexes, and for constructing large models and domain specific languages in a systematic and disciplined manner. The project technologies are being validated through deployment within important industrial domains addressing Wind Power Systems, Legacy Code Tranformation, Construction, as well as by a market leading Modelling Tool provider. The results are providing important increases in modelling tool performance for very large and complex models, and better management of software assets within larger teams of software developers involved in collaborative model based engineering.

Target stakeholders: 

Small & medium enterprises, Open Source developers, Large companies, Technology providers, Local public administrations, National government agencies, International agencies, Research institutions.

Project Start: 
Project End: 

How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?

MONDO will enable common tasks for MBE software development, like model queries and transformations, to be provided as Cloud services. Modelling tools as well as management and storage technologies will be able to scale to address MBE development for large or very complex software applications.

The extensible architecture of the MONOD platform will allow the integration with existing commercial and open source technologies to deliver value-added services such as improved performance for version-control management systems, model validation and verification facilities, and more sophisticated access control mechanisms for supporting large software development teams.

The openness and standards compliance of the MONDO platform will enable SMEs and individual developers to select and combine the Cloud-based services provided by the platform, and build upon them to develop innovative domain-specific services and solutions, without needing an upfront investment in expensive proprietary tools. SME modelling tool providers will be able concentrate on the novel features of their tools that can give them a competitive advantage.

MONDO’s robust and scalable platform for collaborative and controlled model development and management is an essential for MDE techniques to continue to deliver to software development organisations well-recognised benefits as complexity, diversity and size of software systems grow.

Potential exploitation strategy: 

The MONDO project has adopted an exploitation strategy based on open source distribution of the new project technologies that provide innovative support for very large scale and complex model based software engineering. The open source distribution approach is intended to provide the greatest access and impact for European software developers and tool providers, and in conjunction with dissemination actions towards target constutuencies, create a community of interested individuals and organisation that benefit from the project results and will support the long term evolution and sustainability of the project innovations.

Vertical Market: 

Energy, Engineering & manufacturing, Finance & insurance.