ORBIT - Business Continuity as a Service

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More and more areas of public life are becoming dependent on availability of Internet based services. Banks, logistics, travel, sales and media, to name a few, are severely disrupted when hit by service outages. Outages have serious implications on the continued operation of businesses - causing direct loss of revenue, legal liabilities as well as long term damage to reputation and brand names. A recent survey estimated a staggering €20 billion of annual revenue is lost because of IT downtime.

ORBIT provides high performance fault tolerance solutions for zero downtime in virtualized environments, enabling businesses to offer guaranteed services to their customers.


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How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?

ORBIT solutions will minimize the potential damage from service outages for end users by providing a series of services for a variety of needs targeting individuals, businesses, governments and the public sector.

ORBIT will enhance the availability of large-scale facilities to help deal with the explosion of digital data results and the resulting need for larger computing infrastructures, to store and process increasing amounts of data.

Many of these infrastructures are distributed, based on a collective ensemble of machines. As the size of the distributed infrastructure increases, so too does its susceptibility to failures.

ORBIT will enable services to become global and available 24/7, without the risk of downtime. ORBIT will provide cost-sensitive and eco-efficient solutions, given that high level business continuity is resource-consuming both in terms of human capital and in financially, through for example dedicated hardware. Redundant hardware also increases the already-high carbon footprint of data centres.