PaaSage - Model Based Cloud Platform Upperware

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

“Developing once and deploying on different Clouds” is not the reality today for software developers and system administrators. Methods and tools are critically missing for supporting the development, the deployment and the execution of Cloud applications. There exist many different Cloud platforms, based on heterogeneous technology, on non-standard architectures and APIs, thus often implying vendor lock-in and resulting in an interdependence between the client application and the Cloud platform. Businesses also need technology-neutral methods and tools to allow organisations to scale out from their private Cloud to public Clouds whenever they need it, without a technical chasm between. This cannot easily be achieved today.

Project's major results: 

PaaSage delivers an open and integrated platform to support both design and deployment of Cloud applications, together with an accompanying methodology that allows model-based development, configuration, optimisation, and deployment of existing and new applications independently of the existing underlying Cloud infrastructures

Target stakeholders: 

Start-ups & microfirms, Small & medium enterprises, Open Source developers, Local public administrations, National government agencies.

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PaaSage ( is an open and integrated platform, to support both deployment and design of Cloud applications, together with an accompanying methodology that allows model-based development, configuration, optimisation, and deployment of applications independently of the existing underlying Cloud infrastructure technology. Specifically PaaSage is developing CAMEL (Cloud Application Modelling and Execution Language, a series of domain specific modelling languages), an Integrated Development Environment, execution-level Cloud-specific mappers and interfaces, a metadata database collecting models and historical informations related to the applications components and external services, such as execution histories, linked with a dedicated social network. PaaSage software is released under the open source MPL2.0 license and an open community of developers and users is built together under the OW2 ( umbrella. PaaSage allows for application deployment on multi-cloud platforms (of any kind). It selects the optimal deployment solution, taking into account the characteristics of the available Cloud platforms, the data to be used and the end-user preferences or restrictions such as price, location, availability, etc. PaaSage supports Cloud bursting and dynamic reallocation of application or its artefacts to other Cloud platforms.

Potential exploitation strategy: 

The PaaSage platform is committed to use and integrate open source solutions and it be available as Open Source (Mozilla Public License 2.0) on OW2 that will help in building a strong and professional open source community. Different parts of PaaSage are already being reused in EU funded projects. PaaSage also provides a social network where its community will be able exchange knowledge and model-based platform-independent modules, hence easing its adoption.

Vertical Market: 

Engineering & manufacturing, Other.