The UberCloud Marketplace for engineers and scientists to discover, try, and buy compute power on demand in the cloud

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?
I'm a scientist who needs a fast and reliable service for my research. If I only had additional compute power I would be able to run simulations with more sophisticated physical modeling and much finer geometries, in shorter time. That way the quality of my products would increase dramatically and I’d become much more innovative and competitive. 
But buying and operating my own technical computing cluster is far too expensive for me, and the hardware gets outdated quickly. And application software licenses for the HPC cluster are just not affordable.
I could rent computing power and software licenses in the cloud, but how can I find the cloud provider which has the right solution for me? 

How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?
The UberCloud Marketplace provides a solution
The UberCloud TechTalk educates engineers and scientists about cloud computing, with, webinars, presentations, monthly newsletters, and articles.
The UberCloud Experiments provide users and providers a professional testbed where they can prepare and run their application simulations in the cloud. With the help of UberCloud Mentors, they are writing case studies which summarize the project, the benefits, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations.
The UberCloud Marketplace offers a one-stop shop for providers to exhibit their cloud software and hardware services. Users can shop for cloud hardware, software, and expertise, on demand, and pay per use.
UberCloud Containers are ready-to-execute packages of software pre-installed, configured, and tested, and are running on bare metal, without loss of performance. They are ready to execute, literally in an instant with no need to install software, deal with complex OS commands, or configure.