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Cloud Computing: An agent for ICT energy efficiency

Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 - 12:45

The IT energy crisis is upon us. Information and communication technologies (ICT) account for 8-10% of the European Union’s electricity consumption and up to 4% of its carbon emissions! So what role can have cloud computing on the quest for greater energy efficiency, you may ask. A number of European research projects funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme are proactively finding solutions to improve energy efficiency in cloud computing.

This is what Big Data really looks like: CERN, the universe and everything

Thursday, 6 August, 2015 - 11:30

While brand managers the world over complain about the deluge of data they need to make sense of these days, data scientists at CERN are trying to solve the mysteries of the universe using facilities like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle accelerator. Sifting through billions of data points from a fire hose measurable in terabytes per second, the data challenges faced by CERN’s physicists dwarf those of most commercial entities.


Cloud and Big Data: How they transform the banking industry - 14 July 2015


The panel of experts included Gino Thielemans, Head of IT Supervision, National Bank of Belgium; Noémie Papp, Legal Adviser, Consumer Affairs and Coordinator Digital issues, European Banking Federation; and Bruno Schroder, National Technology Officer, Microsoft. It was moderated by Florian Damas, Alcatel-Lucent, and Vice Chair, Cloud Council, DIGITALEUROPE.


DSM:driving economic growth - EU Cloud initiative

Wednesday, 29 July, 2015 - 11:30

The Digital Single Market Strategy will maximise the growth potential of the European Digital Economy and of its society, so that every European can enjoy its full benefit.

The economy and society of Europe need to make the most of digital. 47% of EU population is not properly digitally skilled, yet in the near future, 90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills.

The Commission will:

Public Vs Private Cloud

Wednesday, 22 July, 2015 - 11:15

For the past few years everyone has marked-out a constant increase in public and private clouds. Whether to adopt a public cloud approach (off-premise IT capability or application, provided by others) or go for private cloud (on-premise enablement of cloud possibilities with existing IT) has always been an incensed topic for debate throughout the IT industry and the business.

Chicago’s 'cloud tax' makes Netflix and other streaming services more expensive

Monday, 13 July, 2015 - 16:45

Cloud services are built to be universal: Netflix works the same anywhere in the US, and except for rights constraints, you could extend that to the entire world. But many taxes are local — and as streaming services swallow up more and more of the world's entertainment, that could be a serious problem.

Here’s why the Internet of Things has been compared to the Industrial revolution

Tuesday, 30 June, 2015 - 10:30


Today, the Internet of Things is rapidly building connections between devices, starting with wearables, cars and appliances. A recent report from Gartner forecasts that, “4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020.”


Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things: How they transform eHealth - 27 May 2015

What does it take to achieve the triple win envisioned by the Commission: a better quality of life for European citizens, innovation and growth for a competitive EU industry and more sustainable healthcare systems for society? This particular workshop afforded participants an opportunity to hear the Commission’s views and those of major players in this field.

Are telecommunications infrastructures an integral and essential part of cloud? - 14 March 2014

Infrastructures are a fundamental ingredient of a successful cloud strategy, the starting point actually. This workshop heard the views of the Commission, of network equipment manufacturers and of lead suppliers of cloud services to stir a debate on how they apply concretely to the daily operations of public and private users of these services.

Cloud in Practice Programme: What’s in it for SMEs? Workshop - 15 May 2013

By affording lower barrier to entry and scalability, the cloud enables superior delivery of current services and the development of innovative offerings. By securing the same level of service irrespective of the size of the provider, it allows SMEs to match the quality of bigger companies. Accordingly, it provides all players in the business ecosystem with equal opportunities of major magnitude. The next frontier seems to be the mobile cloud.

How Line Of Business Is Driving The Move To The Cloud

Tuesday, 9 June, 2015 - 13:15

With employees across the company empowered with greater access to technology, the tech expertise inside your business is no longer limited to the IT department. In many businesses, Sales and Marketing, HR and Finance are leading the discussions, with Line of Business (LOB) specific insight into the cloud solutions that can help drive their departments forward.