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Cloud computing is not just super-high-tech companies. The cloud has life-giving properties that are helping many new firms build their business mostly or entirely on the cloud. Why? Because it helps them bring together business processes at a single access point and an ability to work anywhere from any device. New micro firms are also increasingly using cloud-based administration tools to keep track of their revenue. Read our user story on Conversion Garden, which runs entirely in the cloud. 

One of the key benefits of the cloud is its ability to level the playing field. Because cloud removes much of the initial up-front costs, it allows small- and mid-sized businesses to compete with their larger rivals and in some instances to surpass them. Read our user story on how iMinds helped a Belgian startup move to the cloud.

Not surprisingly, the cloud is increasingly becoming a staple for start-ups, giving them entry to almost any sector, and an opportunity to disrupt the market.

See how firms are using the cloud

Learning how other firms are using the cloud can you match requirements and benefits to your own business context. To see how businesses of all sizes are using cloud services, scroll down to view our user stories. We also have examples of how big corporations are benefitting from cloud capabilities, like Costain, a global engineering solutions provider. 


Domino's Pizza planning to move web services to the cloud

Trending May 2013 - The IT team at Domino's Pizza has been using open source cloud services for testing and developing applications for around 12 months. It is now looking to move other critical workloads, such as web services, to the cloud infrastructure.

“Cloud is an important technology, but we wanted to build our experience and understanding of it in a low-risk way. It was a good way to test cloud computing technology, its flexibility and scalability,”said IT director Colin Rees.

MobiCloud – where cloud gets mobile for the construction industry

The decision to invest in a mobile cloud solution is inevitably a financial one, but any improvement in efficiency or cost effectiveness is ultimately due to the behaviour of the employees using it. For those individuals an improvement in efficiency is also an improvement to the quality of their working life. We hear so much about the benefits of mobile and cloud technology, but without practical, real-world examples it’s often hard to really understand them.