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Apodesk, cloud-based software revolutionising the Italian pharmacy market

S’moove Software has developed Apodesk, a cloud software delivered as an online service for pharmacies, helping them save time and money.

Pharmacies use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to optimise the storage of thousands of drugs and other products, to automate purchases, as well as for invoicing and running loyalty campaigns. The downside? The Italian pharmacy market is packed with complex applications for running these services with just a handful of suppliers dominating the market.

CloudWATCH Cloud Legal Week for Small Businesses, 16-27 November 2015

The CloudWATCH Cloud Legal Week is taking place 16-27 November 2015, in conjunction with the European SME Week.

If you are a small firm using or planning to use a cloud service, this is your chance to ask legal experts about:

  • Data protection compliance.
  • Cloud contractual obligations.

It's free, easy and quick.

Experts from ICT Legal Consulting will assess the questions for their relevance and publish the answers here on the

What next?

There are two ways you can use to pose your questions:

How iMinds helped one Belgian startup become a global player

Belgian startup POSIOS launched in 2012 with an innovative point of sale (POS) solution and the ambition to become the world’s top POS app for the hospitality industry – specifically restaurants. 
In just two years, the company has grown from a local team of three to an international business of 23 employees and more than 700 customers worldwide. That rapid expansion caught the eye of Canada’s Lightspeed, the global leader in retail POS solutions. 

CloudWATCH: taking SMEs to the cloud with the European CloudScout

Thursday, 24 September, 2015 - 14:45

More and more small businesses are using the cloud to access markets more quickly, scale and grow without initial up-front costs needed for tradition IT infrastructures. Organisations that are not using the cloud need to start their cloud journey as soon as possible, particularly small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud standards and businesses needs - take part in our survey

Thursday, 9 July, 2015 - 11:00
The CloudWATCH project is an EC-funded initiative aimed to accelerate the adoption of cloud services across Europe.
In addition to the tools developed by CloudWATCH, standards seek to identify common interests and to collect a focused set of use cases for profiling. 38 cloud projects, including EC-funded projects, have provided the main ground for this research. Now it is time to check if and how standards address the real needs of businesses.

Cloud in Practice Programme: What’s in it for SMEs? Workshop - 15 May 2013

By affording lower barrier to entry and scalability, the cloud enables superior delivery of current services and the development of innovative offerings. By securing the same level of service irrespective of the size of the provider, it allows SMEs to match the quality of bigger companies. Accordingly, it provides all players in the business ecosystem with equal opportunities of major magnitude. The next frontier seems to be the mobile cloud.

Dutch retailer uses Cloud for merchandising

Wehkamp needed to improve its online retail services and use big data and analytics to provide their mostly young customers with a personalised and tailored online shopping experience, as well as improve profitability. The results of using cloud services for digital analytics, customer experience management and email campaigning speak a language any shareholder can understand: a 271% higher sales-per-send ration for marketing emails, including a 68% higher click-through rate

Towards a European trusted cloud

Focus Area

Cloud-based business is becoming the backbone of the European economy and society. Many services are based on the Cloud and several businesses and critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly dependent on it.

Overall, the speed of change in Cloud technologies and services continues to be impressive and the main transformation is driven by the Trusted Cloud and Big Data integration as visible in the Future Cloud high impact initiative: Trusted Cloud.