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Nu@ge, French for ‘cloud’, is a cloud computing system made by and for Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) that has started to unveil its technical model

Friday, 20 June, 2014 - 17:30

The goal is to create the cloud computing systems of tomorrow: open systems with material components and external software spread out over a regional French network and housed in modular low-energy ecological datacenters that are as close to users as possible. The research project will draw to a close in July 2014 after 30 months of group work. Nu@ge‘s technical model is based on open-source components.

Top 5 Reasons to Use the Cloud

Tuesday, 17 June, 2014 - 15:30

Why small and midsize businesses should consider the cloud ?
It’s becoming increasingly clear that cloud solutions provide significant benefits to companies of all sizes, but a recent study shows that less than ten percent of organizations believe their existing IT infrastructure is fully prepared to address the proliferation of mobile devices, social media, data analytics and cloud computing.

The impact of cloud - The Economist report

Tuesday, 10 June, 2014 - 12:45

It has been a few years now since cloud computing rose to prominence - but its disruptive impact has only just begun to be felt.

To examine the mid- to long-term impact of cloud in all its various forms, the Economist Intelligence Unit invited six experts in the field to contribute original essays explaining their predictions. Those essays are collected here in a single report, named 'The impact of cloud', and sponsored by Fujitsu.

The contributors, and the subject of their essays, are as follows:

Flexibility in financial services in the cloud

This success story elaborates on the work between CloudSigma - an innovative public infrastructure as a service provider, and Deutsche Börse - one of the largest financial exchange organisations worldwide in deploying a proprietary cloud-based solution to provide trading members with self-provisioned, on-demand access to Eurex’ s T7 trading architecture for testing and development purposes.

Empowering Emergency Crews with the Cloud

When a fire strikes, every second counts. Effective fire management is an essential part of fire-fighting strategies to minimise damage to land, property and loss of life, as well as safeguard the environment. Forest fires are particularly challenging for the south of Europe. Almost 7% of fire ignitions in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece result in 85% of burnt areas. Even countries like Germany, Belgium and Switzerland experience forest fires.

Molplex Pharamceuticals: A UK Small Business Success Story in the Cloud

When Molplex Ltd - Translating targets into drugs set up in 2010 its aim was to offer high-quality services on a pay-as-you-go model. These services are accessed through powerful online drug design systems. This approach aims to eliminate the high start-up costs of inventing new drugs which acts as a barrier to scientists outside well-funded big pharma companies.

VISIONCloud: Transforming information into a real content asset for data journalism

Today’s media landscape is a fully interactive and connected digital ecosystem with increasingly high demands on bandwidth, storage and integration of services to suit the needs of today’s media professional. The emergence of data journalism demonstrates how vast amounts of data can be aggregated to provide media organizations and journalists with excellent opportunities to make sense of complex information.

Domino's Pizza planning to move web services to the cloud

Trending May 2013 - The IT team at Domino's Pizza has been using open source cloud services for testing and developing applications for around 12 months. It is now looking to move other critical workloads, such as web services, to the cloud infrastructure.

“Cloud is an important technology, but we wanted to build our experience and understanding of it in a low-risk way. It was a good way to test cloud computing technology, its flexibility and scalability,”said IT director Colin Rees.

MobiCloud – where cloud gets mobile for the construction industry

The decision to invest in a mobile cloud solution is inevitably a financial one, but any improvement in efficiency or cost effectiveness is ultimately due to the behaviour of the employees using it. For those individuals an improvement in efficiency is also an improvement to the quality of their working life. We hear so much about the benefits of mobile and cloud technology, but without practical, real-world examples it’s often hard to really understand them.