SPECS: Secure Provisioning of Cloud Services based on SLA management

Focus: developing and implementing an open source framework to offer Security-as-a-Service, by relying on the notion of security parameters specified in Service Level Agreements (SLA), and also providing the techniques to systematically manage their life-cycle.

Coordinator: Second University of Naples / CeRICT

Partnership: Centro regionale Information Communication Technology SRL, (CerICT), Italy; Technische universitaet darmstadt (TUD), Germany; Institutul e-austria timisoara (IeAT), Romania; Cloud security alliance (europe) lbg (CSA), UK; Xlab razvoj programske opreme in svetovanje d.o.o. (XLAB), Slovenia; Emc information systems international ltd (EMC), Ireland

Impact: Design an innovative Security Platform-as-a-Service. Offer a solution for the SPECS’ Security-as-a-Service approach, proposing a clear design for a Platform-as-a-Service dedicated to security services and to SLA life cycle management. Allow user-centric negotiation of Cloud SLA. Propose solution for helping End Users to negotiate Cloud SLA effectively with a set of CSP, by understanding the resulting trade-offs.  Innovative Solutions for Continuous Security Monitoring.  Design and implement SLA monitoring solutions dedicated to continuously control the security offered by CSP and to help ensuring the granted QoSec.
Develop Innovative Security Services to Enforce SLA.  Offer a clear design and an implementation of services dedicated to grant security features to Cloud end users in order to fulfill an agreed SLA and, keep a sustained QoSec. Real-world validation of SPECS outcomes.  Implement two relevant use cases to empirically validate the outcomes of the project.

Funding: European Commission through the programme FP7 Cooperation in ICT in the period 2013-2016

Position Paper: http://www.cloudwatchhub.eu/concertation-position-papers/specs-secure-provisioning-cloud-services-based-sla-management

Website: http://specs-project.eu/