Standards Plugfests

CloudWATCH2 will deliver three Cloud Interoperability Plugfests during its lifetime. Cloud interoperability plugfests are events, where technology providers can mutually test their implementations of standardised specifications for conformance and interoperability in an arena where the test results are private, allowing the testing of upcoming or pre-production products/services.

The most prevalent and longest-running series of interoperability testing events are conducted by the Cloud Plugfest initiative. In support of this, CloudWATCH2 is pioneering a new model of delivering virtual plugfest events as a more sustainable option to physical events.

A full report on how this will be achieved is available here.

CloudWATCH also delivered a series of cloud interoperability plugfests and workshops between 2013-2015. Reports from these events can be found below.


6th Cloud Interoperability Workshop "Structured methodology supporting CloudWATCH profiles" - Brussels - Sept 2015

The sixth cloud interoperability workshop, being the last of such workshops under the auspices of the CloudWATCH project, brought together the results and outcomes of all previous workshops, the work conducted in WP2, and in other tasks in WP4. Through the numerical analysis conducted in WP2, which has also brought an online self assessment tool to life, WP4 was able to take the project clustering further and formulate three straw man standard profile documents that bring together standards addressing the respective needs of self assessment participants.

Creating an interoperable future for clouds - The 3rd CloudWATCH Cloud Plugfest and Standards Profile Workshop - Summary Report

Monday, 6 October, 2014 - 17:45

A handful of coders converged at the 3rd CloudWATCH Cloud Plugfest and Standards profile Workshop, hosted at the EGI Big Data Solutions Workshop in Amsterdam on 25 September 2014. The principal work was to test Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) and Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standards against the ETSI test suite specifications.

2nd Cloud Interoperability Workshop "Use of standards in by R&I projects in FP7" - Brussels - March 2014

With the first workshop already initiating a seed portfolio focusing on the technical interoperability of Cloud services, the second workshop aimed at extending the reach to EC-funded cloud related projects from FP7 Call 8 & Call 10 and others. To this extent, the workshop was embedded into the DG CONNECT E2 concertation meeting held in Brussels in March 2014.

1st Cloud Interoperability Workshop "Proposing a seed portfolio" - Madrid - Sept 2013

The first workshop was held at the EGI Technical Forum in Madrid in September 2013 aimed at defining principles and specifications for the creation of an open schema to certify organisations and services against existing Cloud requirements and technical Cloud profiles. The workshop was based on existing material, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 17021:2011, ISO/IEC 27006:2011, ISO 19011, existing cloud specific certification schema, such as NIST FedRAMP, and under development and cloud specific certification schemas such as Cloud Security Alliance Open Certification Framework.